Laws about Prescription Drug Trafficking*

The unauthorized possession, buying, selling, or trading of prescription drugs is against the law. Laws regarding the distribution of drugs on or near a school, and to children and youth under age 18, carry tough penalties. Students also can be suspended or expelled from school for any of these offenses.

  • If prescription drugs that are not prescribed to an individual are found on them, in their school locker, or in a car, the teen can be charged with criminal possession. MGL c. 94C, sec. 34
  • If a person gives or sells a prescription pill to anyone at school, he or she could be found guilty of distribution of a controlled substance on school grounds and could face a mandatory two-year sentence and a fine of $1,000 or more. MGL c. 94C, sec. 32J
  • If a person gives or sells a prescription pill to anyone under age 18, they could face even greater jail time and fines. MGL c. 94C, sec. 32F

*More laws related to substances can be found at and

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This information is provided by the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services within the Department of Public Health.