Let’s Make Massachusetts a #StateWithoutStigMA!

Residents of cities and towns across Massachusetts are using social media to join the movement to make us a #StateWithoutStigMA! Don’t see your city or town represented? Make it happen with just a few simple steps. See below!

map of cities and towns that have taken state without stigma pledge, click here to view more

Check out the #StateWithoutStigMA hashtag on ALL social media outlets and see what people are saying or doing.

Help end the stigma of addiction that keeps so many people from seeking the recovery that they deserve, by showing your support on social media. Here’s how:

1. Download and print this sign of support
2. Write your first name and the city or town you live in.
3. Upload to your social media site of choice (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.).
4. Post the photo or video along with #StateWithoutStigMA.
5. Nominate 2 friends to support making Massachusetts a #StateWithoutStigMA.

Hosting an Event?

Events that support the treatment of addiction and recovery happen every week across the Commonwealth. The #StateWithoutStigMA team has attended many of these events and we encourage you to broaden the support by hosting your own event. If you are having an event of your own and would like to support #StateWithoutStigMA, here are some resources to check out.

1. Order free materials from the Massachusetts Health Promotion Clearinghouse. All of the campaign resources [wallet cards, one-sheets, brochures, posters, window clings] can be used to spread the word about the realities of stigma.
2. Have your attendees take photos with the sign of support and post it on your social media page. Remember to use #StateWithoutStigMA in your posts! You can also send the photos to the Stop Addiction Facebook page and they can post them for you.
3. Order a customized #StateWithoutStigMA banner for your organization to use during walks, events, or for the office. Please note that a printer-ready file can be provided, but your organization will be responsible for printing. Send a Facebook message to the Stop Addiction Facebook page to make the request.

Interested in other ways to show your support on social media?

Click Here to download this profile photo to upload to your personal Facebook profile.

Click Here
to download this cover photo to upload to your personal Facebook profile.

Click Here to download this cover photo to upload to your personal Twitter profile.

What’s that “#” symbol?
This is called a hashtag. A hashtag is used to mark your social media posts so that others know what campaign you are supporting. Check out the #StateWithoutStigMA by going to any social media site and search for it. See what others have posted and repost or retweet! Make sure that if you post or tweet anything that has to do with this campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr, you use the #StateWithoutStigMA! You can also add hashtags to any other key words that are important to you, like a city/town name, the word addiction, treatment, or recovery.

Example tweets:
• I’m from #Weymouth and I support #StateWithoutStigMA.
• 8 years in #recovery from heroin #addiction. I’m proud to support a #StateWithoutStigMA.
• #Addiction is not a choice. It’s a #Disease. #StateWithoutStigMA

Example Facebook posts:
• My brother is in #recovery from painkiller #addiction. He works hard at it. I support a #StateWithoutStigMA where my brother can get help and have a good job. He deserves it!
• I want to live in a world where people won’t judge me if they find out I’m 5 years in #recovery. I’m a person, not a junkie. #StateWithoutStigMA

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FOR HELP: 1-800-327-5050 (tty: 1-800-439-2370)