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Cotto – English:
Cotto talks about the stigma he encountered during 25 years of addiction, and the recovery which reunited him with everything in his life he holds dear.

Cotto – Español:
Cotto habla sobre el estigma que se encontró durante 25 años de la adicción y la recuperación que lo reunió con todo en su vida lo que ama .

Mike shares how his own feelings of shame about his addiction pushed him away from the family that loves him, and the treatment he deserved.

Stephanie describes how even after entering recovery, the stigma of her past addiction continued to haunt her.

Stephanie’s mother shares a powerful story of a daughter’s addiction, a mother’s love, and the stigma which they faced together.

Anthony recounts how hurtful words like “junkie” and “drug fiend” drove him even further into the despair of his addiction.

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