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Warning Signs of Prescription Misuse:

The symptoms of drug misuse and addiction can vary depending upon the person and the drug being misused. Some of the warning signs include:
• Pills or medication bottles are missing from your home
• Taking medication in excess of how it has been prescribed
• Abrupt changes in their finances
• Dramatic mood changes
• Lower grades, changes in friends, or changes in sleep or appetite
• Loss of concern about appearance
• Physical signs such as fatigue, confusion, weight loss, slurred speech and dizziness

Objects That Might Be Clues:

These are items that may be found in a bedroom, car or purse of someone who uses drugs:
• Cotton Swab Heads and Sticks
• Cotton Balls
• Small Caps
• Rolled Dollar Bill
• Empty Pen Stick
• Cigarette Filter
• Bent Spoon
• Syringe
• One Edge Razor Blade
• Empty Pill Bottle
• Belt with Teeth Marks
• Bottle Caps
• Tin Foil with Burn Marks
• Little or Mini Plastic Bags

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Sources: BSAS, Learn 2 Cope
Posted June 2015
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