The Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) takes very seriously the safety of all individuals who visit our offices.  Therefore we are stationing security guards at all of our sites.  In addition, beginning September 2016 and continuing through January 2017, The Department will be rolling out a metal screening protocol in all of our offices.  All visitors to a DTA office and staff who do not have their DTA identification will be subject to this protocol each time they enter a DTA office.

All persons who enter will be asked to remove all objects from their pockets, allow coats, bags and items to be run through an X-ray machine, and allow for hand searches of bags and/or the use of a hand wand if necessary.

In addition, visitors will be required to pass through a Magnetometer screening device similar to those at airports.  If the device sounds an alarm, a uniformed security officer will use a handheld screening device to detect any metallic objects.

If the Magnetometer is not working, uniformed security officers will conduct bag and package inspection searches by hand.  Signage will be displayed if the Magnetometer is down and visitors will be subject to hand searches.

Any individual refusing to be screened will be denied access to the office.