SSI State Supplement (SSP) Program Caseload: 
FY 2013, FY 2014, FY 2015, FY 2016 and FY 2017

This is the number of households receiving SSP benefits.
 FY 13FY 14FY 15FY 16FY 17
July199,876203,522 203,779 203,017202,269
September200,976 203,821203,630202,873201,804
October201,506 204,385 203,814203,648201,485
November201,065 204,407203,451203,684200,751
December202,145 203,391 202,892203,529199,608
February202,805 203,255 202,039202,995199,327
March202,467 203,722 202,617204,212199,294
April202,667 203,494202,524203,651198,515
May203,092203,582 202,497203,089197,991
June203,017 203,666202,472202,957 

NOTE: SSI-SSP caseload information is not available until the last week of the following month.
Effective with start of Fiscal Year 2013, SSI-SSP caseload numbers include blind persons who formerly
received benefits paid through the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind. 


SSI-SSP Program Statistics





This information is provided by the Department of Transitional Assistance.