You may receive help with quality child care if you find a job

Child care help is available to people receiving TAFDC. You should ask your Transitional Assistance Worker for a child care authorization. Once authorization is received, an appointment should be made with the Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) agency listed on the authorization. The CCR&R will explain the types of available child care and provide a list of child care providers with openings, or arrange for child care at home or with a relative. After the child care provider has been contacted and child care arrangements are finalized, the CCR&R will provide a voucher for the child care. A Transitional Assistance Worker can provide more information or a child care brochure is available at any Transitional Assistance Office.

Child Care Services

Safe, affordable child care is a top priority for families who are participating in the Structured Job Search Program, or attending an approved training or education program. You may be able to get child care when your TAFDC case closes and you are working. Call or visit your Transitional Assistance Office to find out if you can get child care and to get a child care authorization. For more information about child care, call the Child Care Resource and Referral Network at 1-800-345-0131.

This information is provided by the Department of Transitional Assistance.