During Bolden's tenure, the agency applied for and received a U.S. Department of Justice grant to establish a Serious and Violent Offender Re-entry program. DYS, in partnership with the Boston Police Department, was awarded $1 million over a 3 year period to design a model reentry program and provide specialized and comprehensive services to a targeted group of serious and violent juvenile offenders in the city of Boston. Reentry services begin during residential confinement and continue through a required period of community supervision. They are designed to include a seamless continuum of programming, support, sanctions and aftercare, which both protect the public and position youth to become successful members of the community.

Enhancements to the continuum of female services were also made during Bolden's tenure. DYS added resources in the areas of clinical programming and stabilization for young women with mental health needs, and independent living services for females returning to the community from residential treatment programs. The agency also established a position, the Director of Female Services, to oversee programming for young women in DYS care. During this period the Department saw an unprecedented number of females detained with or committed to the agency.

After the unfortunate suicides of two youths in DYS custody in 2004, the Department engaged a group of experts from the Departments of Mental Health and Social Services, along with Executive Office of Health and Human Services to assess the agency's ability to respond to clients needs and to safety issues in its facilities.

As part of a suicide safety initiative, the agency increased the numbers of clinical positions, conducted a facility by facility review and addressed physical plant issues, increased psychiatric consultation hours and made improvements to the client information management system.

Commissioner Bolden resigned from his position and was sworn in as the Associate Justice of the Roxbury Division of the Boston Municipal Court in 2005.

This information is provided by the Department of Youth Services.