• Make a Donation to the Soldiers' Home In Holyoke Island Beautification & Veterans Memorial Walk Fund

    Veterans Memorial Walk, This commemorative walk is dedicated to those Veterans who have served their country with pride and honor. This program offers individuals who have been touched by our home, the opportunity to recognize our mission. Become part of our memorial walk so that your loved one will never have to walk alone.
  • Make a Donation to the Tree of Life in the Soldiers' Home at Holyoke

    Becoming part of the "Tree of Life" is a most loving way to memorialize someone special to you or to express gratitude to that person. Your gift of love helps veterans today and tomorrow, by remembering yesterday. The "Tree of Life" is housed in Holyoke's Chapel. Each part of the tree actually holds a special gift of love noted in the names and inscriptions engraved in its branches and leaves...
  • Make a Memorial Gift to the Soldiers' Home in Holyoke

    Information and donation form to make a memorial contribution. The form ensures that you indicate to whom (e.g., next of kin) the Soldiers' Home in Holyoke should send the accompanying condolence card. Please know that this card will identify you as a memorial contributor, but will not indicate the amount you have donated...
  • Support The Needs of Our Veterans

    On behalf of the veterans and staff at the Home, we would like to say thanks for all your support and generosity as many of you continue to ask what is needed or any assistance that can be offered. We have compiled an updated Wish List and information.
  • Volunteer Services at the Soldiers' Home in Holyoke

    Information on Holyoke's Volunteer Services Program, which includes training. Positions are available to suit individual interests and volunteer assignments may be performed during the day, evenings or weekends...