On behalf of the veterans and staff at the Soldiers' Home in Holyoke, we would like to say thank you for all your support and generosity, as many of you continue to ask what is needed and any assistance that can be offered.

To make a donation, please complete the donation form listed below. This form is available in both Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat PDF formats. If this is a memorial contribution, please ensure that you indicate to whom (e.g., next of kin) the Soldiers' Home in Holyoke should send the accompanying condolence card. Please know that this card will identify you as a memorial contributor, but will not indicate the amount you have donated.

Please complete the form, making your check payable to Soldiers' Home in Holyoke, and mail both to the address on the form with attention to the Treasurer's Office at Holyoke. Thank you.


This information is provided by the Soldiers' Home in Holyoke.