The system of charges at the Soldiers' Home in Holyoke is determined as follows:  

Long-Term Care for Unmarried Veterans

($300 monthly exemption)

Monthly Gross Income and Charges

  • $0 - $300 - No charge
  • $301 - $1,230 - (Monthly income) MINUS ($300 Monthly Exemption)
  • $1,231 and up - $930/31-day month OR $30/day

Long-Term Care for Married Veterans

($1500 monthly exemption; and spousal income deducted from income)

Monthly Gross Income and Charges

  • $0 - $1500 (no spousal income) - No charge
  • $1,501 - $2,430 -  (Monthly income) MINUS ($1500 Monthly Exemption)
  • $2,431 and up - $930/31-day month OR $30/day

Domiciliary Beds

  • $10.00 per day; the first $300 of monthly income is exempt.

Other Charges

In conjunction with room and board charges, Massachusetts General Laws allows the Soldiers' Home in Holyoke to apply for and receive any other income or benefits to which a veteran may be entitled.

Entitlement may derive from either federal or state statutes and/or regulations.  An example of a federal benefit would be the aid and attendance benefit of $658.00 per month.  Please note that the amount of any benefit may change over the course of time and any changes would be reflected in the next monthly statement. Veterans are also required to maintain adequate medical insurance, including but not limited to, Medicare Part B.

Incontinent Briefs

Any veteran whose income falls below the above exemptions and is incontinent, will be billed according to usage as follows:

1 case per month -  $ 50.00
2 cases per month -  $100.00

Veterans are required to open a personal account with $300, and maintain a monthly balance of $300.

All bills must be paid by the tenth day of every month in which it is received. 

Any questions concerning this charge system should be directed to the Treasurer's Office at the Soldiers' Home in Holyoke at (413) 532-9475 (x1130).

This information is provided by the Soldiers' Home in Holyoke.

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