Dear Veteran and Family Members,

On behalf of the board of trustees and myself, it is my pleasure to provide you with a concise overview of the Soldiers' Home in Holyoke.

We take pride in the facilities that are available to the veterans of Massachusetts. Our dedicated staff of doctors, nurses and administrative support personnel have one goal: to provide the best "Care With Honor and Dignity" to veterans of all wars.

We greatly appreciate the support of the veterans, civic, and fraternal organizations, as well as the dedicated volunteers who assist with our programs. Cooperation from Veterans Administration, the State Executive Department and the General Court also contribute to our ability to provide necessary services to our veterans.

It is an honor for me to serve as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Soldiers' Home in Holyoke and welcome you and your loved ones to visit our facility. I also encourage you to send any suggestions that you feel might improve, in any way, the services already in place.

We are, as always, at your service and encourage you to visit our facility's links to view what the Soldiers' Home in Holyoke has to offer our veterans.

Steven E. Como Chairman, Board of Trustees
Soldiers' Home in Holyoke


This information is provided by the Soldiers' Home in Holyoke.