MCDHH has a long and productive history of sponsoring ASL interpreters and CART services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing consumer organizations, service providers, and other entities which contact us for assistance in covering communication access costs. Our sponsorship of community events has positive impact well beyond expanded communication access, and results in outreach, awareness, and training that benefits the people we serve and advances the mandates of our commission. Beginning in FY'10, a grant/sponsorship application process was implemented to maximize the impact of currently available funding. This application process changes the payment/reimbursement method. We request that all applications be submitted at least 90 days in advance of the event. Those submitted less than 90 days cannot be processed.

We anticipate receiving sponsorship requests related to a wide range of events occurring all across Massachusetts, including support group meetings, trainings, conferences, conventions, cultural advancement events, and fundraisers. We encourage and welcome applications for support, and at the same time we caution that the amount of funding available for this purpose is limited.

  • For estimation purposes, interpreters range in cost from $35 - $70/hour; additional charges may be added for mileage, parking and travel time.
  • CART services range from $225 to $300 for the first two hours or any part thereof; $75 to $100 per hour; additional charges for provision of projection equipment and provision of ASCII file. Additional charges may be added for mileage, parking and travel time.

The Communication Access for Community Events Grant Application form can be found below, and can be downloaded and submitted electronically, in hard copy, or by fax along with a cover letter to the Commissioner with a full explanation of the event, date, and collaboration plans.

General Criteria

  • Community Based Event benefits Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals through one or more of the following categories:
    • Health
    • Economic Participation
    • Living Independently
    • Community Events/Workshops
    • Linguistic and Cultural Diversity
    • Communication Access/Reduce Financial Burden
  • Event location is in Massachusetts
  • Evidence of collaboration
  • Evidence of cost sharing and funding partnerships
  • Preference will be given to non-profits or organizations who demonstrate financial need.


This information is provided by the Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.