Internation Symbol of Accessibility (symbol of a human figure in a wheelchair)
International Symbol of Accessibility

Accessible Print (Symbol with words - Large Print)
Accessible Print

Access for Individuals Who are Blind or Have Low Vision (symbol of a blind person with a stick)
Access (Other than Braille and Print) for Individuals Who are Blind or Have Low Vision

Volume Control Telephone (symbol of a telephone)
Volume Control Telephone

Sign Language Interpretation (symbol of a pair of hands making a sign language)
Sign Language Interpretation

Assistive Listening Systems (symbol of an ear)
Assistive Listening Systems

Teletype Device (TTY) (symbol of a TTY device)
Teletype Device (TTY)

Closed Captions (symbol with letters - cc)
Closed Captions


Produced by the Graphic Artists Guild Foundation with support and technical assistance from the Office for Special Constituencies, National Endowment for the arts.

Thanks to Monmouth Arts Council for providing those icons, and check their website for additional disability access symbols.

This information is provided by the Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.