Open to the public by prior appointment, our Boston - based Technology Demonstration Center features a broad variety of demonstration equipment and related information to help individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, family members, and professionals learn more about available solutions and to discover the many possibilities for visual communication as well as sound amplification and alternative notification methods.

Here is a brief sampling of our current inventory:

Photo of an Ultratec TTY model 4425
Several different Ultratec TTY models, from the " Compact" folding version to the full featured 4425 and the Superprint Pro80, optimized for people with hearing AND vision losses with its extra large display.

" TV Ears" infrared television amplification system, which allows the exterior volume of a TV set to remain at normal levels while giving listeners the option to amplify sounds at their convenience using personal receivers.

Portable Phone Amplifier
Several different amplified telephone models, many of them with tone adjustments as well as straightforward volume amplification. Many also feature adjustable ring loudness and ring patterns.

Several different brands of wireless and hardwired notification systems to alert Deaf and hard of hearing people to what is happening in their environment - doorbell, alarm clock, telephone, sound monitors and baby cry monitors, passive motion detectors and more.

Several different brands and models of fire and carbon monoxide detectors featuring audible as well as visual and tactile alerts.

Several different brands, models and types of assistive listening devices, including hardwired, wireless and infra-red based technologies. We also feature a variety of attachments that are used by people without hearing aids as well as those who do to interface with these devices. Both individual and group listening solutions are featured.

Several different brands and categories of alarm clock. From bedside units to under-the-pillow and wristwatch models, some with tactile alerts only, others with audible, visual and tactile components.

To make an appointment, please send an e-mail to Debra Lobsitz, or call 617-740-1668 ( Voice) or 617-740-1768 ( TTY)

For directions to our offices, please read our Regional Offices page.

This information is provided by the Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.