DMH is organized into five geographic areas, each of which is managed by an Area Director. Each Area is divided into local Service Sites. Each Area oversees an integrated system of state and provider-operated adult and child/adolescent mental health services. Citizen advisory boards at every level of the organization participate in agency planning and oversight. DMH allocates funds from its state appropriation and federal block grant to the Areas for both state-operated and contracted services. This includes state hospitals, community mental health centers, contracted inpatient units and a range of community-based services.


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How to use Video Relay Services with individuals who communicate in American Sign Language 

VRS allows deaf and hard of hearing individuals to have telephone conversations with hearing people. Video relay calls are placed with real-time video connection through videophone connected to a TV monitor. Using a videophone, an interpreter relays the conversation between the two parties. The deaf user sees an ASL interpreter on the monitor and signs to the interpreter, who then calls the hearing user via a standard phone line and relays the conversation between them.

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