Central Massachusetts Regional Office
2 Foster Street, Second Floor
Worcester, MA 01608 (Map of our location)

413-788-6427 Voice/TTY
508-762-1124 Video Phone
508-860-4000 Fax - Send Fax with Cover Sheet - Attn: MCDHH

From MassPike:
Turn onto Exit 10, Auburn.
After the toll booth, follow Route 290 to Exit 16, downtown Worcester.
Make a left at the first traffic light.
Follow Central Street until you cannot proceed any further due to Fallon construction site.
Turn left.
Follow signs to "Fashion Outlet Parking Garage".
Enter at the Express Parking signs.
Enter the mall and exit at the lower level through the door with the Lunt silver store on your left and the Van Heusen shirt store on your right.
Walk forward (you're on Front Street) to the second traffic light (Main Street).
Turn right.
The new office is two or three blocks down on your left.

Alternate Route:
Pass Pike to Route 495 North (Exit 11A?).
Take 495 North to Route 290 West.
Follow Route 290 West to Exit 18 (Route 9 - Leicester).
At the end of the ramp is a fork in the road that comes to a major intersection with sets of lights.
Stay to the left of this fork, facing straight ahead.
At these lights, go straight across the intersection onto Goldsberry Street (Girls, Inc is at theleft).
Continue for about half a mile to the next set of lights.
Turn right onto Thomas Street (VNA building is at that corner on the right).
Go to the next sets of lights and turn left onto Worcester Central Boulevard.
Go to the next set of "working" lights and turn right onto Foster Street.
Get immediately into the left lane.
At the next light, turn left onto Commercial Street.
The entrance to the parking garage will be on your left.
Walk out of the parking garage through the Commercial Street exit.
You will be facing Mechanic Street.
Walk up Mechanic Street to Main Street (the next traffic light).
Turn right, and go to 340 Main Street.

This information is provided by the Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.