If you already know what type of job you want you can start your job search.

Choosing a job that is right for you.

  • MRC Public Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors and Employment Specialists provide comprehensive career counseling, planning and job search assistance for individuals with disabilities. Contact your local MRC Office.

There are special programs that may help you find a job

MRC VR Counselors can help you decide which options may benefit you and how to make the most out of your job search activities. Some options that may benefit you are:

  • On-The-Job Training Funds
    Prospective employers may wish to take advantage of an option offered by the MRC to reimburse the salary of an employee during an on-site training period. The process is simple for any employer; a one page agreement is all it takes. For more information or to initiate an OJT, please call 1-800-245-6543 or your local MRC Office.
  • Ticket to Work Program is a new addition to the Social Security Administration's program for people receiving SSI or SSDI due to disability or blindness. This program proposes to provide more options for you to go to work.

Explore more about information and services for specific conditions

This information is provided by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.