Refugee Community Services, RCS

RCS provides the following services:

  • Community education and orientation: orientation for refugee populations regarding how to access and navigate mainstream service system and local resources. Providers utilize ethnic TV, radio, newspapers, and local events to outreach to refugee populations and facilitate adjustment to their new communities.
  • Cultural orientation to mainstream services: provide cultural orientation to mainstream service providers regarding various refugee populations and their specific characteristics and needs.
  • Outreach/screening/referral services: providers also reach out to asylees, secondary migrants, and refugees who may need to re-enter the refugee services system.
  • Direct services to refugees: provide family support and assistance to promote adjustment and economic self-sufficiency, such as with housing, fuel assistance, education, day care for children, and referral to mental health, medical and legal services.

Translation and Interpreting, TIP

Provides translation and interpreting services for refugees in targeted communities. The objective of the project is to provide community-based translation and interpretation to assist refugees to access mainstream services in Greater Boston, Lynn and Springfield.

Youth Adjustment Services, YAS

Youth Adjustment Services provide refugee youth with a variety of opportunities that facilitate community and school adjustment. The objective of the project is to assist refugee youth to succeed through after-school and weekend programs, parent liaison services, tutoring services that address social adjustment, academic, recreational, cultural enrichment and/or intergenerational needs of refugee youth.

This information is provided by the Office for Refugees and Immigrants.