Greetings and welcome to the Massachusetts Office for Refugees and Immigrants!

It is with great honor and humility that I have the opportunity to serve as Executive Director of the Massachusetts Office of Refugees and Immigrants (ORI).   As a former refugee from Vietnam, I learned firsthand that adapting to a new country was a tremendous challenge.  From acquiring a new language to adopting a new way of life and custom, navigating through my teenage years in the US required all the support available to me and my family.  I learned that without the help from our government institutions, local resettlement agencies, and sponsors, my family and I would not have become self-sufficient and be a part of the American dream we enjoy today.  We are forever grateful for the support and friendships we have received. 

To strengthen the work of ORI, I am committed to support the coordination of state policies and programs that affect and serve immigrants; to promote the full participation of refugees and immigrants in the economic, civic, social, and cultural life of the Commonwealth; and to foster a public environment that recognizes and supports the ethnic and cultural diversity of the Commonwealth. 

The Massachusetts Office of Refugees and Immigrants is a federally funded refugee resettlement focused program. ORI is recognized for its dedicated, seasoned professionals that work with resettlement agencies to coordinate the services that refugees and immigrants need such as English language proficiency classes, employment services, cash and medical assistance, foster care for unaccompanied minors, and social adjustment services.  I am proud to work with our fine team at ORI.   On behalf of the team, I invite you to explore our website resources and available services that aim to help you and those who wish to become a contributing integral part of the rich cultural and ethnic diversity that is our Commonwealth.

This information is provided by the Office for Refugees and Immigrants.