It is a pleasure to introduce you to the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC). The work we do is challenging and rewarding. As you learn more about our mission, community and unique consumer services, we are confident you will quickly realize how important each and every person's job is to our overall success as the Commonwealth's lead public provider of general rehabilitation.

The Commission is indeed unique. We have incorporated into our service delivery system the common concepts creating the foundation for alliances that must be formed between rehabilitation professionals, consumers and the general public. These include streamlined, responsive and customer-driven service delivery systems, user-friendly programs based upon consumer choice and consumer satisfaction, direct local access to services, service integration and collaboration, public-private partnerships, a focus on employment outcomes and independent living and the use of advisory councils to develop short and long-term plans to improve service delivery. Creative, cooperative partnerships among consumers, MRC staff and major stakeholders provide the collective strength and voice needed to ensure people with disabilities have equal and full access to rehabilitation and independent living resources and benefits delivered by a team of qualified professionals who offer individualized services.

Promoting diversity and providing professional development are integral parts of our commitment to defining the Commission as an employer of choice. We value human differences and believe our diversity enriches the work we do together, bringing new perspectives and creativity to our endeavors. We encourage you to pursue employment opportunities with the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission and extend our best wishes for your happy and successful career.


This information is provided by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.