On this web site, you will find DMH's Criminal Offender Record Information ("CORI") regulations (104 CMR 34.00) and guidance materials intended to facilitate implementation of the regulations. Please be aware that EOHHS Policy 001 and DMH Policy 97-2 are superseded, and that the Form for Hiring Authorities' "Discretionary Disqualification" CORI Reviews, or the information requested by that Form, should be submitted in place of the current forms SC-1 and SC-2. Questions not addressed by these materials may be directed to DMH's CORI Coordinator at (617) 626-8230.

Regulations Format
104 CMR 34.00 (CORI Regulations)PDF pdf format of 104 CMR 34.00: Criminal Offender Record Checks - REPEAL
MS Word
Summary of Changes to DMH's Previous CORI RegulationsPDF doc format of summary-changes-coriregs.doc
MS Word doc format of summary-changes-coriregs.doc
Criteria for Hiring Authorities' "Discretionary Disqualification" CORI ReviewsPDF pdf format of criteria-hiringauthorities.pdf
MS Word doc format of criteria-hiringauthorities.doc
Form for Hiring Authorities' "Discretionary Disqualification" CORI Reviews to DMHPDF pdf format of form-hiringauthorities.pdf
MS Word doc format of form-hiringauthorities.doc

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