U. Adults with Intellectual Disability or A Developmental Disability in Nursing Facilities (Policy #2012-2)

DMR POLICY #:         2012-2 (Replaces Policy #2000-1)
DATE ISSUED:           August 1, 2012
EFFECTIVE DATE:    August 1, 2012

A. Policy Statement

It is the policy of the Department of Developmental Services ("the Department") that the most effective method for providing appropriate supports to individuals with intellectual disability or a developmental disability is through integrated community services and supports, and that the provision of services in the community is the preferred method for meeting the needs of most individuals with intellectual disability or a developmental disability. Therefore, after the effective date of this Policy, when such individuals are identified through pre-admission screening and resident review (PASRR), the Department will, except in special circumstances, identify appropriate services and arrange for community placement for the individual as soon as practicable.      

B. Scope of Policy

This policy covers adults with intellectual disability or a developmental disability who are screened for admission or admitted to a nursing facility in Massachusetts and who are eligible for supports and services provided, purchased, or arranged by the Department.

C. Community Residential Options for Nursing Facility Residents

If an individual’s medical needs and needs related to their disability, i.e. their “total needs,” can appropriately be met through the provision of community services, it is the Department’s policy to provide community supports for that individual and assist the individual with the transition to those supports.

The Department will identify appropriate, integrated community-supports for individuals and will work with the individual, or with his or her guardian, if applicable, to arrange such supports.  Once the Department has made a determination that community supports shall be offered, and has identified an appropriate residential placement that meets the individual’s needs, continued stay in the nursing facility shall not be authorized.