If you would like to testify at an upcoming public hearing, you may sign up below. Please register as soon as possible, but no later than one full business day before a scheduled public hearing, to ensure that your registration is received and processed. Any registrations submitted later than one business day before the scheduled public hearing will be given an opportunity to testify on a first-come basis after all other registrants have testified and as time permits.

You may also submit written testimony about proposed regulations by the specified date by emailing ehs-regulations@state.ma.us. Please submit electronic testimony as an attached Word document or as text within the body of the email and type the name of the regulation in the subject line. All submissions must include the sender's full name and address. Persons who are unable to submit electronic testimony should mail written testimony to EHS/MassHealth Publications, 100 Hancock Street, 6th Floor, Quincy, MA 02171.

Public Hearings

101 CMR 204.00: Rates of Payment to Resident Care Facilities
101 CMR 306.00/114.3 CMR 6.00: Rates of Payment for Mental Health Services Provided in Community Health Centers and Mental Health Centers
101 CMR 346.00: Rates for Certain Substance Use Disorder Services
101 CMR 411.00: Rates for Certain Placement and Support Services
101 CMR 413.00/114.3 CMR 13.00: Rates for Youth Intermediate-Term Stabilization Services
101 CMR 420.00: Rates for Adult Long-Term Residential Services

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