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Alphabetical Order

Health Safety Net Payments and Funding (includes provider payments) (101 CMR 614.00 (formerly 114.6 CMR 14.00))
Nursing Facility User Fee (114.5 CMR 12.00)
Pediatric Immunization Program Assessment (114.5 CMR 20.00)) 


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Numerical Order (by CMR number)

Regulation Name
(Effective Date)


101 CMR 614.00 (formerly 114.6 CMR 14.00)

Health Safety Net Payments and Funding
(effective October 1, 2015)
PDF pdf format of 101 CMR 614.00
Word doc format of 101 CMR 614.00
Hospital Rates for FY16PDF pdf format of Hospital Rates
Excel xls format of Hospital Rates
Health Safety Net Rates for Acute Hospitals  

114.5 CMR 12.00

Nursing Facility User Fee
(September 1, 2009)
PDF pdf format of 114-5-12.pdf
Word doc format of 114-5-12.doc
Administrative Bulletin 10-11
Nursing Facility User Fee Update
(July 1, 2010)
PDF pdf format of 1011.pdf
Word doc format of 1011.doc
Nursing Facility Class and User Fee List
(July 1, 2010)
PDF pdf format of nf-user-fee-jul-2010.pdf
Word doc format of nf-user-fee-jul-2010.doc
link to Nursing Facility Reports--------

114.5 CMR 20.00

114.5 CMR 20.00 was repealed. For regulations about Pediatric Immunization Program Assessment, please see Department of Public Health regulations at 105 CMR 223.00, accessible on the DPH website at

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