MGL Chapter 15A § 9A An Act Relative to College Credit for Courses in American Sign Language

American Sign Language is hereby recognized as a full and legitimate language, as the language of a unique culture in the United States, and as the equivalent of a spoken language for the purposes of foreign language study and course credit.

Added by St.1993, c. 484

Historical and Statutory Notes

St.1993, c. 484, was approved Jan. 14, 1994.

MGL Chapter 71 § 2B An Act Relative to the Teaching of American Sign Language in Public Schools

In all public elementary and secondary schools, American Sign Language shall be recognized as a standard, independent language with its own grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and cultural heritage. Courses in American Sign Language may be taught for the purpose of contributing to a greater understanding of the social and cultural dimensions of the language, and to encourage and enable increased interaction between hearing persons and deaf and hard of hearing persons in society. School committees may credit such courses toward satisfaction of foreign language requirements.

Added by St.1989, c. 95

Historical and Statutory Notes

St.1989, c. 95, was approved May 23, 1989.


This information is provided by the Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.