In what continues to be a difficult economic time, the Department must reform our current field management organizational structure.

After reviewing a number of alternatives, with the goal of least disruption to families and clinical staff, we've designed a model that maintains local clinical integrity, achieves cost efficiency, positions the agency for FY2012, and is sustainable into the foreseeable future.

The primary features of the new field management structure include:

  • Restructuring regional boundaries - reducing the number of regions from six to four.
  • Maintaining 29 local area offices - cities and towns within our Area Office catchment areas remain the same.
  • Creating 15 Area Management Teams to oversee the 29 area offices - most area management teams will be responsible for two Area Offices. Each Area Office will have an onsite clinical lead, known as an Area Clinical Manager, who will be responsible for the daily clinical oversight of the office.

Below are announcements and other information about the DCF Budget and Field Management Structure. We will continue to update this information as we move through the phases of implementation of this restructure. Please check back regularly.


This information is provided by the Department of Children and Families.