POSC Job Aids

MassHealth has prepared a number of job aids as part of the POSC e-Learning courses. Beneath the name of each functional area listed below are links to the job aids associated with processes within those functional areas.

Provider Information & Navigation

Batch Claims Processing

Editing Claims Post Submission

Eligibility Verification

Health Safety Net (HSN)

HIPAA Pharmacy Claims

Managed Care

Preadmission Screening

Prior Authorization

Provider Profile Maintenance

Provider Security



Submitting a Management Minutes Questionnaire

Submitting Institutional Claims

Submitting Professional Claims

Submitting Residential Care Home/Rest Home Claims

Third Party Liability (TPL)

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Important Note: The information on this page applies to all providers, except dental providers who are not oral or maxillofacial surgeons. Dental providers who are not oral or maxillofacial surgeons must contact the MassHealth Dental Customer Service Center at 1-800-207-5019 if they have any questions about MassHealth.

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