Version 5010

Important Information

Once you download the new 5010 software, it will override your current 4010 software. This means that you will not be able to send any 4010 transactions to MassHealth. If you plan to download the software before January 1, 2012, MassHealth recommends that you do one of the following:

  • download the new software on a separate computer to ensure that your 4010 data is not erased; or
  • download the new software only when you are ready to submit 5010 inquiries to MassHealth.

Please reference the EVSpc user guide, installation instructions, and the release notes for further instructions.

The EVSpc software Download EVSpc 5.0 software exe format of Download EVSpc 5.0 software file size 19MB is a Windows-based access method. The software has an additional functionality for checking the status of a claim submitted to MassHealth. It also provides documentation of this information that you may print out for a specified date. Due to the size, please do not download this software if you currently verify eligibility using another product or use the POSC and have not checked with your IT staff for permission to download this software.

Management Minutes Questionnaires (MMQs)

Effective May 26, 2009, MMQs for nursing facilities must be submitted in a new format. Below are links to the software, specifications, and instructions for submitting MMQs in the new format.

MMIS Trading Partner Testing

The MassHealth Vendor List gives the status of trading partner testing for vendors who are testing HIPAA-compliant claim transactions for MassHealth.

Companion Guides

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