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Important Information – EVSpc Software Is No Longer Available

MassHealth will terminate the use of Eligibility Verification Software (EVSpc) on December 31, 2014, and will not provide support for the software tool after that date. The software is no longer compatible with the EVS functionality on the Provider Online Service Center (POSC). To facilitate termination of the tool MassHealth has removed the software from this site.

Providers that use the EVSpc software will not receive key eligibility messages related to MassHealth members’ coverage. Such providers are strongly encouraged to stop using the EVSpc immediately and transition to one of the following POSC or telephone access methods.

  • Use Direct Data Entry (DDE)
  • Submit a Health Care Benefit Inquiry & Response (270/271) batch file transaction in accordance with MassHealth specifications
  • Engage a vendor to generate your Health Care Benefit Inquiry batch files
  • Check eligibility by calling the Provider Automated Voice Response (AVR) system at 1-800-554-0042

The December 31, 2014 date to terminate the use and support of EVSpc allows time for providers to transition to one of the POSC access methods outlined above.

For questions or assistance with transitioning to one of the access methods, please contact the MassHealth Customer Service Center at 1-800-841-2900 or providersupport@mahealth.net.

Management Minutes Questionnaires (MMQs)

Effective May 26, 2009, MMQs for nursing facilities must be submitted in a new format. Below are links to the software, specifications, and instructions for submitting MMQs in the new format.

MMIS Trading Partner Testing

The MassHealth Vendor List gives the status of trading partner testing for vendors who are testing HIPAA-compliant claim transactions for MassHealth.

Companion Guides

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