Important Note: The information on this page applies to all providers, except dental providers who are not oral or maxillofacial surgeons. Dental providers who are not oral or maxillofacial surgeons must contact the MassHealth Dental Customer Service Center at 1-800-207-5019 if they have any questions about MassHealth.

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Healthcare Transactions Services-System-to-System Testing

If you currently submit batch transactions directly to MassHealth (270/271, 276/277, 820, 834, 835, 837) and are interested in submitting batch transactions to NewMMIS via the automated Healthcare Transactions Services (HTS) method (that is, system-to-system), please contact MassHealth Customer Service.

The NewMMIS HealthCare Transaction Services (HTS) Developers' Guide has been updated. Use this document to quickly view the latest updates to the guide. These revisions are also summarized in the developers' guide itself.

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