photo of Evelyn Callahan from MCB
Evelyn Callahan celebrated 50 years of employment with the Mass. Commission for the Blind/Ferguson Industries for the Blind on December 1, 2005. Mrs. Callahan started with the Commission on December 1, 1955, as a driver and administrative support for a home teacher (now known as a rehabilitation teacher) who was blind and a friend of Mrs. Callahan's aunt. Mrs. Callahan intended to help out for a few weeks, and ended up driving that employee until the employee retired 12 years later. Mrs. Callahan drove two other MCB employees that were blind for a few years and transferred to the Industries in the late 1960s as clerical support. Mrs. Callahan took over as Supervisor of the Linen Department in 1970, where she continues to work today. Mrs. Callahan has trained hundreds of legally blind, multiply impaired citizens of the Commonwealth to sew pillowcases, washcloths and bibs. Mrs. Callahan's patience is unparalleled; her skill, teaching ability, support, encouragement and genuine friendship have enabled persons with significant disabilities to have the opportunity for substantial, meaningful employment for 50 years. We honor Evelyn on this wonderful occasion and look forward to working with her for years to come!
This information is provided by the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind .