For Immediate Release - June 21, 2016

Lisa Sirois Appointed Executive Director of the Personal Care Attendant Workforce Council

BOSTON - The Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) announced today that Lisa Sirois has been named the Executive Director of the Personal Care Attendant (PCA) Workforce Council.  The Council is responsible for recruiting, training and stabilizing the work force of PCAs who assist MassHealth members with chronic or physical disabilities maintain their community independence.  

“EOHHS is committed to a sustainable and robust PCA program,” said EOHHS’ Under Secretary of Health, Alice Moore. “Lisa’s strong management and leadership skills are a great combination to lead the Council. Her background as a social worker, clinical therapist, and working in organizations at all levels make her uniquely qualified for this position.”

“This is an important vacancy that needed to be filled,” said Paul Spooner, vice chair of the PCA Workforce Council. “The PCA Workforce Council is dedicated to maintaining a strong, effective statewide PCA program.”

The PCA Workforce Council was formed to identify and recruit prospective personal care attendants, provide orientation and training to PCAs, work with the PCA Union on behalf of consumers and the Commonwealth, and establish and run the PCA referral directory. The directory is a database of people who wish to work as PCAs that consumers can use to search for and hire PCAs. More than 26,000 of MassHealth‘s 1.8 million members receive PCA services and 38,700 people are employed as PCAs.

“I am passionate about helping people maintain independence and full quality of life by providing them with assistance with activities of daily living skills and am honored to be appointed to lead the Council,” said Lisa Sirois.

Ms. Sirois most recently served as Director of Transition Services and Youth Programs at Easter Seals of Massachusetts. She has a Masters of Social Work from Boston University and a Doctor in Education from Northeastern University.

About the Personal Care Attendant Workforce Council:

The PCA Workforce Council is an innovative governmental body, similar to those in several other states, which uses citizen engagement as an instrument for strengthening the Personal Care Attendant program.  Consisting of nine members, the PCA Workforce Council is composed of the Secretary of Health and Human Services (or her designee), the Director of the Office of Workforce Development (or his designee), a member appointed by the Governor, three appointees by the Auditor, and three appointees by the Attorney General. A majority of the Council members are consumers of MassHealth PCA services.