For Immediate Release - March 27, 2013

HHS Secretary John Polanowicz Discusses Governor’s Growth Agenda at Marlborough Chamber of Commerce

Governor's budget includes investments in education and transportation to grow innovation economy and create jobs in the region

photo of HHS Secretary John Polanowicz with Marlboro Chamber of Commerce

MARLBOROUGH — Health and Human Services Secretary John Polanowicz today discussed Governor Deval Patrick’s growth agenda and investments in health and human services programs at the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce. Secretary Polanowicz highlighted the Governor’s investments in education, transportation and innovation that are helping to spur economic development in the region.

“The Governor’s growth agenda focuses on groundbreaking new investments that will strengthen our economy for businesses and families in the short term and for generations to come,” said Secretary Polanowicz. “The Governor’s proposals will increase access to critical education and transportation services and will help lower the cost of health care across the state.”

Secretary Polanowicz was joined by local elected officials and chamber members, representing the towns of Marlborough, Westborough, Northborough, Southborough, Sudbury, Hudson and Grafton.

Governor Patrick’s FY14 budget includes investments in HHS programs to help lower health care costs, enhance public health oversight and strengthen the safety net for the Commonwealth's most vulnerable populations.

“I strongly commend Secretary Polanowicz for taking the initiative to meet with business leaders at the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce and hear their ideas on how to make the Commonwealth more attractive to businesses and keep health care affordable for small business owners and their families,” said Senator Jamie Eldridge. “It's no surprise that Governor Patrick’s growth agenda has earned the support of over 50 economists because it boldly forges ahead in frontiers such as transportation, infrastructure and education and ensures the economic prosperity of the entire Commonwealth.”

The Patrick-Murray Administration has invested in Marlborough through businesses that are growing and adding jobs, and through infrastructure improvements that have created a better environment for business growth. According to a recent report from the Boston Foundation, Massachusetts leads the nation in creating jobs in the life sciences sector. And this sector created more than 2,500 jobs in Massachusetts through June 2012 that pay an average salary of $105,000. Marlborough, alone, is home to about 40 different companies involved in life sciences.

“I am very excited about Secretary Polanowicz’s connection and dedication to Central Massachusetts and look forward to working with him to serve the residents of Marlborough, Northborough and Westborough,” said Representative Danielle Gregoire. “I wholeheartedly agree that attention must be paid to the education and transportation needs of our communities and am looking forward to finding a solution that is not overly burdensome to our taxpayers.”

The Governor’s 10-year, $13 billion transportation investment plan will help reduce ease congestion on major arteries throughout the region and reduce the number of structurally-deficient bridges. Governor Patrick’s transportation financing plan includes an increase of $570,000 specifically for Marlborough transportation investments.

The Governor’s FY14 growth budget also includes a $550 million investment in education, reaching $1 billion over four years. This investment would allow the Commonwealth to fully fund K-12 education and extended school days in high-need schools, improve the accessibility of colleges to high school graduates, and expand community colleges’ efforts to provide students with skills training needed to succeed in the workplace.

With nearly 5,000 students in the MetroWest area on waitlists for access to quality early education, the Governor’s plan would channel funds to schools and early education providers to expand their programs to serve more children. Schools in Marlborough would see a more than $2 million increase in funding under the plan.

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