• Integrated Services Procurement Overview

    Welcome to the Department of Social Services' initiative to transform our purchase-of-service system. Designing and managing a service system of the highest quality depends on wide participation by service providers, families, community members, state agency staff, and other partners.
  • Procurement Planning

    DSS is currently engaged in the intensive design work required to produce Requests for Response (RFRs) and an Implementation Plan. In April 2004, DSS convened a Procurement Management Team charged with guiding and integrating these planning efforts and completing the operational design for the new service system.
  • Community-Connected Residential Services

    The CCRS Workgroup was charged with identifying clinical, managerial, and network practices required to support a more thorough connection of residential services to community-based services, providing readiness guidance to the provider community, and informing the state agencies' efforts to support new approaches to residential programming.
  • Decision-Making Roles and Responsibilities

    One of the key challenges in the design of the integrated service system is clearly articulating the decision-making role and responsibilities that the Department will authorize its contracted lead agencies to hold.
  • Network Services Request for Information