The Community-Connected Residential Services Workgroup was charged with identifying clinical, managerial, and network practices required to support a more thorough connection of residential services to community-based services, providing readiness guidance to the provider community, and informing the state agencies' efforts to support new approaches to residential programming. Their final report and related materials are available below.

The Practice Guidelines and Indicators are intended to be working documents and, therefore, are not final documents. We encourage DSS and provider staff to use them in conversations and to share your feedback with the Planning & Program Development Division.

On October 22, 2003, this Advisory Group met with leaders of thee provider agencies that have significant experience in systems and organizational change. Their presentations, materials, and websites are included here.

Please contact Department of Social Services to request the following documents.

  • Community-Connected Residential Services Report
  • Practice Guidelines and Indicators

Related Reports referenced in the Workgroup's Report:

  • Assessing Partnerships: New Forms of Collaboration at
  • Strategic Restructuring at

EMQ Children and Family Services, Santa Clara County, California

St. Charles Youth and Family Services, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Drenk Behavioral Health Center, New Jersey

This information is provided by the Department of Children and Families.