One of the key challenges in the design of the integrated service system is clearly articulating the decision-making role and responsibilities that the Department will authorize its contracted lead agencies to hold. The Department's Procurement Review Workgroup recommended that lead agencies be held accountable for outcomes and stated that accountability, responsibility, and authority must be granted in equal measure.

The Department charged a Recommendations Group comprised of DSS, provider agency, and family representatives to engage in a consensus-building process in order to craft recommendations for decision-making responsibilities. The Decision-Making Roles & Responsibilities Recommendation Group has presented to the Department specific recommendations in its Final Report, posted below. The Recommendations Group examined key decision points, the decision-making environment, and the central role of families as decision-makers. Its work was guided by a Family Advisory Council, Provider Advisory Council, and DSS Advisory Council.

The recommendations have been accepted generally by the Commissioner and are now guiding the work of the Procurement Management Team, which is charged with completing the operational design for the procurement. Because decision-making authority is so critical, we encourage readers of the Report to share comments, questions, and concerns with us so that we can ensure our design work is of the highest quality.

Please contact Department of Social Services to request the following documents.

  • Decision-Making Recommendations Group Final Report
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Description of Consensus Building Process
  • Recommendation Group and Advisory Council Participants
  • Process Map Summary
  • Process Map
  • Assessment Report

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