Welcome to the Department of Social Services' initiative to transform our purchase-of-service system. Designing and managing a service system of the highest quality depends on wide participation by service providers, families, community members, state agency staff, and other partners. We hope that this website section will provide you with the information that you need to contribute to our work. We will continue to share information about this initiative as our work progresses.

Overview of the Procurement

DSS plans to redesign and reprocure its current categorical service programs of Commonworks, residential treatment and group homes; contracted foster care; and family based services. The new procurement will create local networks of integrated services across the state. This approach was recommended by a Workgroup comprised of DSS senior managers, provider agency executive directors, and parents based on their six-month review of the Department's procurement policies and practices. Based on the Workgroup's recommendations, the Department launched several parallel planning efforts to design an operational model and implementation plan for the new service system.

Please contact Department of Social Services to request the following documents.

  • Procurement Review Workgroup Draft Final Report
  • Summary of the System of Care Procurement
  • Accountable Talk
  • Cross-System Collaboration: Tools That Work

This information is provided by the Department of Children and Families.