The Administration and Finance unit provides the central support for all budgetary, contract and procurement, ITS, and personnel and operations functions in the bureau. Staff in the Administration and Finance Unit act as point persons and liaisons to MDPH Central systems including the Office of Budget, Accounting, Purchase of Service, central ITS, and Personnel and Human Resources. Staff in the program units use the Administration and Finance Unit as direct contact staff for all of these major central functions.

The Budget section coordinates state and federal resources across multiple appropriation accounts. The major sources of HIV/AIDS service dollars in Massachusetts include state funds appropriated by the state legislature and federal funds from the national Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA). The Budget section prepare all budget tables and grant application assurances. Throughout the state fiscal year, which runs from July 1 to June 30, the Budget section monitors the rate of expenditures in service and operations accounts and project surpluses and deficits to inform program planning.

The Contracts and Procurement section is the point of contact for the purchase and contracting of HIV/AIDS Bureau services and the primary bureau interface with the MDPH Purchase of Service (POS) Office. The unit advises bureau staff on the administrative aspects of procurement and contracting of services, processes and tracks service contract transactions and provides technical support to the program units in the development and processing of RFRs and other procurement mechanisms. The unit also maintains documentation on contracts and procurement transactions, both in hard copy and electronically, and generates management reports.

The Information Technology Systems (ITS) section has four main functions: planning and coordination, computer operations, systems development, and technical training and support. The broad objective of ITS to provide bureau staff with the IT tools and information they need. The ITS section plans and coordinates projects for the development and implementation of data collection systems, assuring compliance with bureau standards and compatibility with other systems. ITS designs and maintains software applications to meet the bureau's reporting, management, and program development needs. The ITS section is also responsible for keeping the IT machinery of the bureau-the local area network (LAN), desktop computers, printers, etc.-working smoothly, and for supporting bureau staff with orientation and training for the various applications and software tools-Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, etc.-with which they work.

The Personnel and Operations section provides the AIDS Bureau's liaison to DPH Central Administration and Central Services. The section is responsible for consistent implementation and management of all DPH personnel and operations policies and procedures. Operations includes the management of the facility, maintaining an inventory of equipment and supplies, procurement of commodities, and payroll, time and attendance. Personnel issues may include advising or assisting with the creation and modification of staff positions, implementing Bureau-wide participation in the employee performance review system, creating systems for skills assessment and development or resolving workplace disputes. The Director of Operations and Personnel consults with senior managers on a regular basis to advise on organizational growth across the units of the HIV/AIDS Bureau.

This information is provided by the HIV/AIDS Bureau within the Department of Public Health.