Massachusetts has a coordinated statewide Human Service Transportation (HST) system. Select Regional Transit Authorities (RTAs) act as Brokers for various areas of the state and arrange trips by subcontracting with qualified transportation providers.

Transportation is provided via two models, with differing procurement approaches:

Demand-Response ("dial-a-ride"): Generally, transportation is authorized by the funding agency and consumers call to schedule their trips as-needed with varying destinations, frequency and times. This model is typically used for medical appointments. Each Broker maintains a list of qualified transportation providers (vendors) and their price lists. Contracted providers will be awarded trips on a daily basis based on lowest price, availability and prior performance.

Procurement Status: Interested transportation vendors may apply to be qualified as a provider anytime throughout the year.Contact the local Broker (the Broker serving consumers in your company's service area) for the HST Provider Application package and specific pricing requirements.
Program-Based: Transportation is authorized by the funding agency for a specific destination, frequency and time, usually operating on a daily or regularly scheduled basis. This model is typically used for transportation to rehabilitation or developmental programs; it is similar to a school-bus route.
Procurement Status: All program-based routes are currently being procured for a five year period beginning July 1, 2015 – contact the Broker in your service area for details. Additional routes are also occasionally added or contracts are terminated, and interested transportation vendors should submit a letter of interest to the local Broker (the Broker serving consumers in your company's service area) to be notified of any interim procurements.


This information is provided by Human Service Transportation Office.

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