• Virtual Gateway

    The Virtual Gateway is an internet portal designed by the Executive Office of Health and Human Services to provide the general public, medical providers, community-based organizations and EOHHS staff with online access to health and human services information. To access the Virtual Gateway, your organization must file appropriate legal agreements and documentation with the Virtual Gateway. Once these documents are received, you may request individual user accounts.
  • EOHHS Provider Qualification - Agency Contacts/Liaisons

    If you have any questions regarding the Provider Qualification Process, please use this directory to contact the appropriate Liaison.
  • Provider Data Management (PDM)

    In PDM, Purchase of Service providers can monitor, edit, and upload information commonly requested by HHS agencies. The service also provides HHS agencies with a single place to view provider information.
  • Surplus Revenue Retention

  • Enterprise Invoice Management

    Enterprise Invoice/Service Management (EIM/ESM) is an Internet billing and reporting service. It replaces paper-based invoicing and streamlines billing for providers and agencies. In addition, EIM/ESM provides agencies with the capacity for a single, agency-wide point of client service management.
  • Contracting Policies