Welcome to Mass Responder, a quarterly newsletter written for the volunteer Behavioral Health Disaster Response (BHDR) community. Our goal is to keep you informed of current events that are important to BHDRs through articles, listings, resources and links about BHDR-related disaster crisis counseling activities and education information. Mass Responder is a joint effort of the Department of Mental Health and the Department of Public Health.

We thank the many people who have signed up to be volunteer crisis counselors. This is important work and the more we learn about the impact of disasters, the more we understand what a difference it makes to have a comprehensive disaster behavioral health program. We hope you find this newsletter helpful, and encourage you to let us know how we can make this and the BHDR program better work for you and the citizens of the Commonwealth.

To contribute to Mass Responder, contact Ashley Pearson, 617-626-8145, Ashley.Pearson@DMH.state.ma.us; or Rodrigo Monterrey, 617-624-5147, Rodrigo.Monterrey@DPH.state.ma.us



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