Epidemiologists at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) provide data-driven program planning, project implementation, program evaluation, and data-collection and analysis in order to further the success of the Division of Prevention and Wellness.

Understanding the Needs

MDPH epidemiologists work closely with program staff to identify:

  • Data resources
  • The burden of heart disease and stroke
  • Disparate populations to be served

Data Interpretation

MDPH epidemiologists offer technical expertise:

  • To assist MDPH initiatives with information synthesis and dissemination
  • To prepare reports, abstracts, posters, burden documents, fact sheets, and presentations
  • On formative research to inform media campaigns, programmatic direction, and strategic planning

Program Monitoring and Evaluation

Evaluation is essential to enhance efficiency and to promote our accomplishments. MDPH epidemiologists:

  • Assist programs with grant applications to CDC and other federal funders by providing them with relevant data and program evaluation plans
  • Provide guidance and leadership to MDPH initiatives regarding the development of process evaluation
  • Work with program staff to understand how we evaluate MDPH programs and processes
  • Develop logic models to highlight work-plan activities, resources, deliverables, and timelines
  • Collect monitoring and evaluation data
  • Train partners in the use of data collection tools, and familiarize them with data sources
  • Use monitoring and evaluation data for service provision/project/program's feedback and quality improvement
  • Assist program and provider staff with interpretation to increase knowledge and understanding of evaluation results
  • Prepare evaluation reports

Responding to Data Requests

MDPH epidemiologists can:

  • Use mapping software and other tools to present data in interesting and unique ways
  • Perform custom data requests for internal and external stakeholders
  • Assist external stakeholders with grant applications by providing them with pertinent and timely data
  • Provide additional technical expertise to internal and external stakeholders as needed

This information is provided by the Division of Prevention and Wellness within the Department of Public Health.