Current Recommendations and Resources

Vaccine Guidelines and Tools

This page contains standing orders, screening forms, consent forms, vaccine information sheets (VIS), and other resources. 

Infection Control, Testing, and Surveillance

This page contains information on infection control, testing, and surveillance, including the blog link to the weekly flu reports.

Information for School and Childcare Professionals

This page contains educational materials for for parents, CDC pages for schools and influenza, information on running school-based vaccination clinics, and other helpful information.

Pandemic Flu

This page contains information on pandemic planning, preparedness, and testing methods.

Avian Flu

This page contains frequently asked questions about avian influenza, avian influenza in humans, avian influenza in birds, and additional resources.


General Resource page with MDPH created influenza resources and links to other websites about influenza.



This information is provided by within the Department of Public Health.