Influenza Fact Sheet

Fact sheet going over basic information about influenza.

Flu: What You Can Do Caring for People at Home 
(24-page basic literacy booklet)

Flu: What You Can Do - Caring for People at Home is part of a statewide educational campaign to provide the public with information and tools to care for people ill with influenza at home.

You can also order these flu materials from the Massachusetts Clearinghouse.

The Flu: A Guide for Parents

Adapted from CDC and developed to fulfill the requirement to provide flu literature to parents (MGL Chapter 111, Section 229).

Colds versus Flu: How to Tell the Difference

Helpful table illustrating the differences between a cold and the flu.

Helpful Websites and Other Resources

An educational song for children on the importance of good handwashing, written and performed by Bill Harly, two-time Grammy award-winning artist and recipient of the Magic Penny Award from the Children's Music Network.
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