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Screening Forms, Consent Forms, and Other Important Documents

  • Flu Consent IIV  pdf format of Flu Consent IIV
docx format of                             Flu Consent IIV
    • MDPH created sample influenza vaccine consent and screening forms. Such forms are intended to be used in settings where children are being vaccinated and the parent/legal guardian is NOT present. Such setting might include, but are not limited to, school-based clinics, public clinics, or visits to practices when the child is unaccompanied by their parent/legal guardian and no other general consent to treat are in place.

Influenza Vaccination of Healthcare Personnel (HCP)

For up-to-date information for health care providers, please call the MDPH Division of Epidemiology and Immunization at 617-983-6800 or toll free at 888-658-2850.

This information is provided by within the Department of Public Health.