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Four MDPH educational webinars covering topics related to Vaccinator training are now available at the New England Alliance for Workforce Development website: http://sph.bu.edu/otlt/alliance/training_vaccineseries.php

Topics Include:

  • Vaccine and Medication Preparation and Administration
    Speaker: Marie Regis, RN, DNP
  • Planning a Clinic or EDS in Response to Infectious Disease, Emergency or Other Disaster
    Speaker: Katie Reilly, RN, MPH
  • All Staff Briefing and Just-In-Time Clinic Training
    Speaker: Barbara Coughlin, RN
  • Vaccine Management, Storage and Handling
    Speaker: Bob Morrison


For up-to-date information for health care providers, please call the MDPH Division of Epidemiology and Immunization at 617-983-6800 or toll free at 888-658-2850.

This information is provided by within the Department of Public Health.