• Introduction to the Bureau of Environmental Health

  • Improving Conditions in Schools

    The Department of Environmental Protection works through the Healthy Schools Council and the Multi-Agency Task Force for Schools to raise awareness about safe health environments in schools and provide technical assistance to address environmental issues and improve regulatory compliance.
  • Pesticide Spray Integrated Pest Management

    The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources website provides a guide and helpful Q&A regarding the development of an Integrated Pest Management plan for early care and education programs.
  • Indoor Air Quality

    These indoor air quality assessments are conducted in public schools, courthouses, town halls, libraries and other public buildings or buildings that the public may enter.
  • Lead

  • Mercury

    DPH provides information on safe fish consumption, including guidelines for young children, nursing mothers, and pregnant women as well as fish consumption advisory lists by water body and municipality.
  • Pressure Treated Wood Use in Playground