• Healthy Young Children: A Manual for Programs, 4th Edition

    By Sue Aronson, MD, 2002 -- Reviewed by both health and early childhood professionals, this basic manual is used by early childhood programs to promote and protect the health and safety of children, staff, and families. Includes sample forms, letters, and checklists and information regarding nutrition, illness, emergencies, and facility maintenance. The 4th edition includes suggested activities for each chapter to support its use in staff training and student courses. Designed in a readily usable format for ease in locating information.
  • Model Child Care Health Policies, 4th Edition

    This book contains model health policies that can be adapted or used selectively in any type of child care setting. The policies are designed to allow you to insert information specific to your site so staff can quickly reference and handle day-to-day and emergency situations with proper procedures. Also included are reproducible forms, resource lists, and safety checklists. Covers everything from admissions and illness to media coverage and power failures.
  • Health in Child Care Manual

    This 4th edition manual serves as an authoritative, up-to-date child care resource for pediatricians, family practitioners, public health professionals, child care health consultants, and child care providers. Appendices include sample forms, safety checklists, sample letters, guidelines for health supervision, staff health assessment, special care plans, and more.