Federal Transit Law requires coordinated public transit-human services transportation (CHST) plans to be locally developed. These plans identify the transportation needs of individuals with disabilities, older adults, and people with low incomes, and prioritize transportation services for funding and implementation.

All federal funding under the Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities (Section 5310) program must be consistent and in keeping with the findings, goals, and objectives outlined in these plans. Go to the Funding Opportunities & Resources page for more information about federal funding programs.

In Massachusetts, these regional CHST Plans have been developed by Regional Planning Agencies.

These CHST plans must be developed with public participation, including representatives of human services and local transportation providers. Contact your regional planning agency for more information on how to get involved.

Finding your Regional CHST Plan:

The Berkshires Coordinated Plan (PDF) identifies transportation needs of individuals with disabilities and the elderly, as well as promotes use of public transit, especially for assisted income and low income individuals. May 2012.

Barnstable/Cape Cod
The Cape Cod Commission prepared the Barnstable area CHST plan in July 2008.

Central Massachusetts
The CMRPC CHST plan (PDF) is from July 2007.

Franklin County
The plan is not available online. Contact their Transportation Planning Department.

Greater Boston
Visit the Boston MPO CHST planning section of its website for the plan and related documents.

Martha's Vineyard
The Martha's Vineyard Commission CHST plan is from Sept. 2008.

Merrimack Valley
The Merrimack Valley CHST plan is from 2007.

Montachusett Region
Go to the MRPC Documents page section on Transit to find the full CHST plan as well as a summary document.

Not available on line. Contact Nantucket's Planning Office.

Northern Middlesex
Go to the Northern Middlesex Council of Governments current public transportation documents pages for the CHST plan and related documents.

Old Colony (South Shore)
The Planning Council's updated CHST Plan (PDF) is from 2009.

Pioneer Valley
The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission released its CHST plan in 2011.

Southeast Region
The Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District (SRPEDD) has posted an updated draft of its CHST plan from June 2010. They also have formed the Southeastern Mass. Transportation Alliance (SMTA) to foster coordination efforts in the region.

This information is provided by Human Service Transportation Office.