Community Transportation Association of America: CTAA's mission is to support creating mobility for all Americans regardless of where they live or work. Their website contains a wealth of information on various topics. CTAA also operates a peer assistance network (CTAP), JobLinks, the NRC (described below) and offers transportation coordination institutes in various states.

National Resource Center on Human Service Transportation Coordination: The NRC (1) provides United We Ride Coordination Ambassadors in every federal region; (2) maintains an information clearinghouse; (3) promotes coordination among federal and non-federal technical assistance centers; (4) supports the National Consortium on the Coordination of Human Services Transportation; (5) delivers training classes and informational sessions; and (6) sponsors research. The NRC is operated by the Community Transportation Association of America.

Project ACTION: Operated by Easter Seals, their mission is to encourage and facilitate cooperation between the disability and transportation communities, with the goal of achieving universal access to transportation for persons with disabilities nationwide. Specific services include in-person travel training courses, distance learning classes, webinars, a toll-free line, an information-rich website, publications clearinghouse, regular newsletters, support of conferences and advisory committee, grants and technical assistance.

United We Ride: UWR is a federal interagency initiative aimed at improving the availability, quality, and efficient delivery of transportation services for older adults, people with disabilities, and individuals with lower incomes.

This information is provided by EOHHS Human Service Transportation Office.